Don’t ditch, switch!

Although it may not feel like it, it is in fact the summer. The school holidays have arrived and with fresh air and the rest from homework, growth spurts are inevitable. So what will happen to the wardrobes full of blazers, shorts, trousers and sports kits??

The average parent spends a staggering £5,203 on school uniform and PE kit in a child’s lifetime and only 39% of parents consider the environmental impact caused by throwing uniforms away. As little as 16% of discarded clothes are recycled or reused but there are loads of ideas of what to do with unwanted uniform this summer.

  1. ‘Hand me downs’– As the majority of us have survived a hand me down or two, passing clothes on to younger siblings is a perfect way to get the most out of the clothes. School uniforms, especially those with emblems and specific ties can be extremely expensive and as children grow out of uniforms so quickly it is a perfect idea to pass on smaller sized uniforms down the family.
  2. ‘Don’t ditch, switch!’– If the uniform has gone through the family and back again and is still in good condition or you don’t know many people in the class below, why don’t you organise a big swap till you drop party. You can swap your child’s unwanted and barely worn school uniform all whilst meeting new people and doing your bit for the environment. Alternatively, why not check with your school to see if a ‘clothes swap’ event already exists? Perfect for making sure unwanted clothes don’t go to waste.
  3. ‘Donate your uniform to charity shops’– This is a perfect way of making money for a deserving charity of your choice and again getting the most out of the clothes. Charity shops cater for a wide customer base and they welcome all sorts of clothes and some of the plain polo shirts and trousers could be popular and cater for pupils from other schools too. Remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
  4. Worn out’- If your clothes are not in a good enough condition to be worn again then they can be donated to recycle banks as textiles are still a valuable resource and can be used as filling materials or industrial cleaning clothes, Woollen items can even be spun into new yarn! Or you could use worn uniform as play clothes, pet bedding or even dusters around the house.
  5. ‘Bag money for your clothes’- ‘Cash for clothes’’ is a perfect new way of making some money from unused items that would just block up landfill sites. This way you also get some money back in return that could help towards the cost of replacement uniform or other school equipment.  There are many drop-off centres around Wales and each kilo bag of clothes could earn you cash.
  6. ‘Be creative’- A great way to re-use old uniform is to get creative and see what you can make from the material. This is a great craft activity for those long summer days and we’re not suggesting you’d create von-trap style clothes but why not create cushions, fabric cards or costumes?  

So rather than just throwing old school uniform straight in the bin and damaging the


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Recycling on the go is a doddle!

It’s safe to say that the summer has been a little unsettled.  Some may say that it’s been a complete washout but as true Brits, we won’t let the weather dampen our spirits. The majority of us have been relentlessly trying to make the most of what little summer we’ve had through going on picnics, holding barbeques and taking part in outdoor activities.

With so many of us spending time out and about over the summer, there’s no doubt that recycling may fall by the wayside. It’s so easy to recycle at home but what happens when you’re in the countryside without a recycling bin in sight?

This is a situation most of us have experienced which is why we’ve decided to pull together a top guide to a waste-free picnic which will hopefully get you thinking about recycling when you’re away from the comforts of your own home.

  • Ensure you take a mini recycling bag / or a normal carrier bag on any of your picnics this summer. These bags can act as ‘on the go’ recycling bins which you can pop in the boot of your car until you get home. Your average food waste bags are perfect for this – so there’s no excuse in throwing away food incorrectly.
  • Instead of buying sandwiches from your local supermarket which usually have an unnecessary amount of packaging, why not make homemade sandwiches and pop them in a reusable sandwich box?
  • Picnic hampers are a worthwhile investment. Not only are they reusable but some good ones have lots of compartments – perfect for hiding waste until you get home to recycle them properly. Take a look at John Lewis, Marks and Spencer or Ebay for some great hampers!
  • Use up the food in your cupboards to create the perfect picnic feast! Take a look at the Love Food Hate Waste website for some great recipes. We’ve even shared our favourite recipe below for you:

Spanish Potato Tortilla


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 350g potatoes, sliced thinly
  • 1 large onion, sliced thinly
  • 6 large eggs
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Leftover sausage or cooked meat
  • Coriander sprigs


  1. Heat the olive oil in a large pan, add the potatoes and onion and cook gently for 20-30 minutes until softened, without browning the onion.
  2. Beat the eggs in large bowl, season well and add the potatoes and onion mixture. Combine well and tip into a non-stick frying pan.
  3. Cook over a gentle heat for 10-12 minutes until set and scatter the top with the sausage slices and grated cheese and place under a hot grill until golden brown.

Serve with coriander sprigs and a crisp green salad


Mae ailgylchu yn yr awyr agored mor hawdd!

Mae’r haf wedi bod braidd yn ansefydlog a dweud y lleiaf! Bydd rhai’n dweud bod y tywydd gwlyb wedi difetha’r haf yn llwyr, ond prin bod hynny wedi digalonni pawb ohonom. Mae’r rhan fwyaf ohonom wedi ceisio manteisio ar unrhyw adegau prin o dywydd braf i fynd ar bicnic, cael barbiciw a chymryd rhan mewn gweithgareddau awyr agored.

Gan fod cymaint ohonom yn mwynhau bod allan yn yr awyr agored dros yr haf, mae perygl i ni anghofio am ailgylchu. Mae’n hawdd iawn ailgylchu yn y cartref, ond beth sy’n digwydd pan fyddwch yng nghanol y wlad heb fin ailgylchu yn unman?

Mae’r profiad hwn yn gyfarwydd i’r rhan fwyaf ohonom, felly rydym wedi penderfynu paratoi cyngor ar gael picnic diwastraff er mwyn helpu pobl i feddwl am ailgylchu pan ymhell o gysur eu cartref.

  • Dylech sicrhau bod gennych fag ailgylchu bach neu fag siopa cyffredin wrth gael picnic dros yr haf. Gall y bagiau hyn fod yn finiau ailgylchu bach pan fyddwch allan yn yr awyr agored a gallwch eu cadw yng nghist y car nes cyrraedd adref.   Mae bagiau gwastraff bwyd cyffredin yn ddelfrydol ar gyfer hyn – felly does dim esgus dros daflu bwyd yn anghywir.
  • Yn hytrach na phrynu brechdanau â gormod o ddeunydd pacio diangen o’ch archfarchnad leol, beth am wneud eich brechdanau’ch hun a’u rhoi mewn bocs brechdanau amldro?
  • Mae basgedi picnic yn fuddsoddiad ardderchog. Yn ogystal â’r ffaith fod modd eu defnyddio dro ar ôl tro, mae gan y rhai da lawer o bocedi gwahanol sy’n ddelfrydol ar gyfer cuddio gwastraff nes i chi gyrraedd adref a’i ailgylchu. Ewch i wefannau John Lewis, Marks and Spencer neu Ebay i weld basgedi picnic gwych!
  • Defnyddiwch y bwyd yn eich cypyrddau i wneud picnic perffaith! Ewch i wefan Hoffi Bwyd Casáu Gwastraff i gael ryseitiau gwych. A dyma rannu’n hoff rysáit gyda chi:

Tortilla Tatws Sbaeneg


  • 1 llwy fwrdd o olew olewydd
  • 350g o datws, wedi’u sleisio’n denau
  • 1 winwnsyn mawr, wedi’i sleisio’n denau
  • 6 wy mawr
  • Halen
  • Pupur du
  • Sosej neu gig wedi’i goginio dros ben
  • Sbrigiau coriander


  1. Cynheswch yr olew olewydd mewn padell fawr, ychwanegwch y tatws a’r winwns a’u coginio’n araf am 20-30 munud nes eu bod yn feddal, heb i’r winwns droi’n frown.
  2. Curwch yr wyau mewn powlen fawr, ychwanegu digon o halen a phupur ac ychwanegu’r tatws a’r winwns. Cymysgwch yn dda a thywallt i badell ffrio wrthlud.
  3. Coginiwch dros wres cymedrol am 10-12 munud nes bod y gymysgedd wedi setio a thaenwch sleisiau o sosej a chaws wedi’i gratio drosto a’i roi o dan gril poeth tan iddo droi’n frown euraid.

Gweinwch gyda sbrigiau coriander a salad gwyrdd ffres.

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Over-ripe but just right!

Love Food Hate Waste Crostini with Tomato jam - recipe by Richard Fox

Love Food Hate Waste: Crostini with Tomato jam – recipe courtesy of Richard Fox

As we stumbled across British Tomato Week a couple of weeks ago, this has got us thinking about how tomatoes are truly one of the most versatile fruits on the market.

In our quest to find out more about the wonderful world of tomatoes, we came across a great tip on the British Tomato Growers’ Association website which explains that as tomatoes are sub-tropical fruit and dislike the cold, they should be kept at room temperature  – over ripe tomatoes will go soft even more quickly in the fridge. So to reduce the amount of waste we produce, it’s certainly best to keep tomatoes in a kitchen cupboard instead of the fridge so they last longer.

Tomatoes can be used in almost any dish such as soups, drinking juice, sauces (for curries, pasta, con carne, pies), salads, sandwiches and so much more! What’s best, is that tomatoes which are beginning to turn can always be used in sauces and soups – so really speaking, we should never throw away our tomatoes as they’re delicious in most meals (it’s no wonder we love them so much at Waste Less Save More).

So to inspire you to think twice before throwing away tomatoes that are beginning to turn, we wanted to share our favourite Love Food Hate Waste tomato based recipe with you. If you’ve already looked at the LFHW website, then you will understand that there are hundreds of recipes to choose from, but here’s our favourite – perfect for sharing!

Crositini with tomato jam and non-pesto


  • 1 courgette
  • 1 stale baguette
  • 1 onion, finely sliced
  • 6 squidgy, over-rips tomatoes
  • 1tsp tomato puree
  • 1 tsp dried mixed herbs
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed


  1. Slice the baguette into 1/2cm slices and arrange in a single layer on a baking sheet.
  2. Drizzle over some olive oil and sprinkle liberally with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  3. Place in a 180°C pre-heated oven until lightly golden around the edges and allow to cool.

Tomato Jam

  1. Gently fry the onion until soft and golden
  2. Add the tomato puree and cook, stirring for a couple of minutes.
  3. Add the chopped tomatoes, garlic and herbs and cook on a low heat until all the liquid has disappeared and you left with a rich, dark, jam consistency. This should take about fifteen minutes. Allow to cool.
  4. To prepare the courgette, simple slice lengthwise about ½ cm thick and season with salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil.
  5. Char-grill on a ribbed char-grill plate for a few minutes on each side.
  6. To serve, put a little tomato jam on each crostini, and then top with a little ‘Non Pesto’.
  7. Finally, garnish with thin strips of the char-grilled courgette.


Top Tips:

  • The tomato jam uses over –ripe, squidgy tomatoes that so often go in the bin, while you finish with a flurry of finely sliced char-grilled courgette which had started to go a little too bendy for other meals.
  • The cooked baguette can be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place (not the fridge) for days.
  • You can also store the courgette strips in the fridge ready to chop up and stir into a salad or pasta dish.

Love Food Hate Waste Crostini with Tomato jam - recipe by Richard Fox

Goraeddfed ond perffaith!


Pan ddaethom ar draws Wythnos Domatos Prydain ychydig wythnosau yn ôl, fe wnaeth i ni ddechrau meddwl am domatos, a sylweddoli mai dyma un o’r ffrwythau mwyaf amlddefnydd ar y farchnad.

Wrth fynd ati i ddysgu mwy am fyd lliwgar tomatos, gwelsom syniad gwych ar wefan Cymdeithas Tyfwyr Tomatos Prydain sy’n esbonio y dylai tomatos, gan eu bod yn ffrwyth isdrofannol sy’n casáu’r oerfel, gael eu cadw ar dymheredd ystafell – bydd tomatos goraeddfed yn meddalu’n gyflymach yn yr oergell. Felly, er mwyn lleihau’r gwastraff rydym ni’n ei gynhyrchu, dylid cadw tomatos mewn cwpwrdd yn y gegin yn hytrach na’r oergell er mwyn ymestyn eu hoes.

Gellir defnyddio tomatos mewn unrhyw fath o saig bron a bod, fel cawl, sudd yfed, saws (ar gyfer cyri, pasta, côn carne, pastai), salad, brechdanau a llawer mwy! Gorau oll yw’r ffaith y gellir defnyddio tomatos goraeddfed mewn saws a chawl – felly mewn gwirionedd, ni ddylem fyth daflu ein tomatos gan eu bod yn flasus mewn unrhyw bryd bwyd bron a bod (d’oes ryfedd ein bod ni’n dwli arnyn nhw gymaint yn Gwastraffu Llai Arbed Mwy).

Felly, er mwyn eich annog i feddwl eto cyn taflu tomatos goraeddfed, roeddem am rannu ein hoff Rysáit tomatos Hoffi Bwyd Casáu Gwastraff gyda chi. Os ydych chi wedi edrych ar wefan LFHW eisoes, byddwch chi’n deall fod yna gannoedd o ryseitiau i ddewis ohonynt, ond hwn yw ein ffefryn – yn berffaith i’w rannu!

Crostini gyda jam tomato ac nid pesto


  • 1 courgette
  • 1 hen ffon fara
  • 1 winwnsyn wedi’i sleisio’n fân
  • 6 tomato meddal, goraeddfed
  • 1 llwy de o biwrî tomato
  • 1 llwy de o berlysiau cymysg sych
  • 2 glof o arlleg, wedi’u malu


  1. Sleisiwch y ffon fara’n sleisys ½ cm a’u gosod yn un haenen ar hambwrdd pobi.
  2. Ysgeintiwch ag ychydig o olew olewydd a digonedd o halen môr a phupur du mâl.
  3. Rhowch mewn popty wedi’i gynhesu ymlaen llaw i 180°C tan fydd yr ymylon yn frown golau a gadewch i oeri.

Jam Tomato

  1. Ffrïwch y winwnsyn tan yn feddal ac yn euraidd
  2. Ychwanegwch y piwrî tomato a choginiwch, gan droi am funud neu ddau.
  3. Ychwanegwch y tomatos wedi’u torri’n fân, y garlleg a’r perlysiau a choginiwch ar wres isel tan y bydd yr hylif wedi diflannu gan adael jam trwchus, tywyll. Dylai hyn gymryd tua chwarter awr. Gadewch i oeri.
  4. I baratoi’r courgette, sleisiwch ar ei hyd tua ½ cm o drwch ac ychwanegwch halen a phupur. Ysgeintiwch ag olew olewydd.
  5. Coginiwch ar blât golosgi am rai munudau bob ochr.
  6. I weini, rhowch ychydig o jam tomato ar bob crostini, a rhoi ychydig o ‘Nid Pesto’ ar ben hwnnw.
  7. Yn olaf, addurnwch â stribedi tenau o’r courgette wedi’i olosgi.



  • Mae’r jam tomato’n defnyddio tomatos meddal, goraeddfed sy’n cael eu taflu i’r bin yn aml, a gallwch ei orffen gyda sleisys o courgette wedi’u grilio a oedd wedi dechrau plygu’n rhy hawdd ar gyfer prydau bwyd eraill.
  • Gellir storio’r ffon fara wedi’i choginio mewn cynhwysydd aerglos mewn lle oer, sych (nid mewn oergell) am ddiwrnodau.
  • Gallwch hefyd storio’r stribedi courgette yn yr oergell yn barod i’w torri a’u cymysgu mewn salad neu saig pasta.


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Hot BBQ Tips

The days are getting longer, the sunny days have arrived and we’re suddenly inspired to don our aprons and tongs to host the perfect barbeque.

Figures show that we spend around £35 on food and drink for a barbeque – up from £19 just five years ago*. So if a quiet day in the garden doesn’t seem so appealing now – knowing the cost of it – we’ve decided to share some top money saving tips with you designed to make your food last longer!

One of the best things about holding a barbeque is that it gives you the perfect opportunity to invite your friends and family around for some food and drink. Although this can pose some problems- the more people you invite the more you need to think about how much food to cook.

However, you needn’t fret any longer, as Love Food Hate Waste has come to the rescue with its brilliant Everyday Perfect Portions planner. This will help you calculate how much of each food type to prepare based on how many adults and how many children you’re cooking for. There’s also a Party Food Portion Planner which makes recipe suggestions based on how many people you’ve invited and how many hours the party is going on for.

If you do end up preparing too much food it’s not the end of the world as there are plenty of exciting ways to use up your leftovers instead of letting them go to waste.

  • Any leftover cooked meat can be kept in the fridge for up to two days.
  • Leftover burgers make an easy and delicious lunch for the following day served with a dollop of dip, crusty bread roll and salad.
  • Cold sausages are a tasty lunchbox treat, or alternatively they can be chopped and added to an omelette or Spanish tortilla.
  • Wrap up and store any leftovers in the freezer for the next time you decided to hold a barbeque.

Let’s not forget, no barbeque is complete without a lovely selection of vegetables and salads to accompany the meat. So for any veg which is past its best, such as courgette, aubergines and peppers, try brushing them with olive oil and chargrilling until soft – they’ll make a lovely veggie accompaniment. If salad is looking tired and wilted put it in a bowl of water with a couple of ice-cubes to get it nice and crisp again, and if you’ve got any small fruits such as grapes or blueberries put them in the freezer the morning of the barbeque. They make exotic ice cubes for cold drinks, and you can do the same with slices of lemon or lime.”

For more creative ideas for making the most of your barbeque visit

* With thanks to the National BBQ Association and Mintel for these facts

Barbeciws bendigedig


Mae’r dyddiau’n ymestyn, y tywydd braf wedi cyrraedd ac yn sydyn, rydym am afael mewn ffedog a fforc a chynnal y barbeciw perffaith.

Dengys y ffigurau ein bod yn gwario tua £35 ar fwy a diod ar gyfer barbeciw – dim ond £19 oedden ni’n ei wario bum mlynedd yn ôl*. Felly, os nad yw diwrnod tawel yn yr ardd i’w weld mor ddeniadol nawr – o wybod y gost – rydym wedi penderfynu rhannu ambell syniad gyda chi i arbed arian a fydd yn gwneud i’ch bwyd fynd yn bellach!

Un o’r pethau gorau am gynnal barbeciw yw ei fod yn gyfle perffaith i wahodd eich ffrindiau a’ch teulu draw am lymaid a thipyn o wledd. Ond gall hyn fod yn broblem – po fwyaf o bobl y byddwch chi’n eu gwahodd, mwya’n byd y bydd angen i chi ystyried faint o fwyd i’w goginio.

Ond, na phoener, gan fod Hoffi Bwyd Casáu Gwastraff wedi dod i’r adwy gyda’i gynllunydd Dognau Perffaith bob dydd gwych. Bydd yn eich helpu i gyfrifo faint o’r gwahanol fathau o fwyd sydd angen eu paratoi, yn ôl faint o oedolion a faint o blant rydych chi’n coginio ar eu cyfer. Mae yna dudalen i’ch helpu i Gynllunio Dognau Bwyd Parti hefyd sy’n awgrymu am ryseitiau ar sail sawl person rydych chi wedi’i wahodd a pha mor hir fydd y parti’n para.

Os byddwch chi’n paratoi gormod o fwyd, nid yw’n ddiwedd y bydd gan fod yna ddigonedd o ffyrdd cyffrous i ddefnyddio bwydydd dros ben yn lle’u gwastraffu.

  • Gellir cadw unrhyw gig wedi’i goginio sydd dros ben yn yr oergell am hyd at ddau ddiwrnod.
  • Mae byrgers dros ben yn gwneud cinio hawdd a blasus y diwrnod canlynol wedi’u gweini gyda llwyaid o ddip, rhôl fara gras a salad.
  • Mae selsig oer yn flasus tu hwnt mewn bocs bwyd, neu gellir eu torri a’u hychwanegu at omled neu dortilla Sbaenaidd.
  • Lapiwch a storiwch unrhyw fwyd dros ben yn y rhewgell ar gyfer y tro nesaf y byddwch chi’n penderfynu cynnal barbeciw.

Cofiwch, nid yw barbeciw’n werth chweil heb ddewis blasus o lysiau a saladau i’w gweini gyda’r cig. Felly, os oes unrhyw lysiau goraeddfed gennych, fel courgette, planhigyn wy a phupurau, defnyddiwch frwsh i’w gorchuddio ag olew olewydd a’u coginio ar y barbeciw tan iddynt fod yn feddal – byddan nhw’n gwneud ychwanegiad llysieuol blasus iawn. Os yw’r salad yn edrych yn sych ac yn llipa, rhowch ef mewn bowlen o ddŵr gydag ychydig o giwbiau o ia er mwyn ei adfywio, ac os oes gennych chi unrhyw ffrwythau bach, fel grawnwin neu lys, rhowch nhw yn y rhewgell ar fore’r barbeciw. Maen nhw’n gwneud ciwbiau ia egsotig i ddiodydd oer, a gallwch wneud yr un peth gyda sleisys o lemwn neu leim.”

I gael mwy o syniadau creadigol i wneud y gorau o’ch barbeciw, ewch i http://www.hoffibwydcasá

* Gyda diolch i’r National BBQ Association a Mintel am y ffeithiau hyn.

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Top tips for a waste free Big Jubilee Lunch


This weekend will see people across the UK celebrate one of the most memorable Royal occasions to happen in our lifetime. Thousands of us will decorate our streets with bunting and line our pavements with trestle tables for some traditional, old-fashioned community fun with the nationwide initiative, The Big Jubilee Lunch.

This great initiative by the Eden Project aims to get as many people across the whole of the UK together to have lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community friendship and fun and this year it plays an official role within the nationwide (and worldwide) Jubilee celebrations.

As we all head out to the streets for food, drink and fun, it is also important to think of ways to reduce your waste, use up the food you may already have in your cupboards and recycle any leftovers when the celebrations come to an end. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some top tips for you to give you a help in hand when pulling together your Big Jubilee Lunch extravaganza:

  • It’s surprising how many tasty dishes can be made from ingredients we already have in our cupboards and fridges. In fact, every day we throw away food that is perfect for summer al fresco dining: including around 5 million potatoes, nearly three million tomatoes, and one million slices of ham. Get everyone to check their cupboards and fridges (and make a list) before making that special Big Jubilee Lunch shopping trip this year – you might just save pounds on the cost of food, leaving more money for the extras like bunting!
  • Try to estimate how many people will be coming and only buy for that amount to avoid throwing food away. Love Food Hate Waste’s perfect portion planner can help.
  • Fruit juice, smoothies and yoghurts can be frozen into ice-lolly moulds, perfect for keeping the children entertained.
  • Why not chop up some spare veg from your salad drawer into little crudités for dunking into hummus or your favourite dip?
  • Put frozen, previously cooked, sausages and cold meats straight into your picnic bag early in the morning. They should be defrosted by the time you reach your picnic spot, but still be nice and chilled.
  • Spare lemons squeezed, combined with sugar and sparkling spring water make refreshing lemonade. Alternatively, sliced lemons can be stored in an airtight container in the freezer to use as refreshing fruity ice-cubes in cold drinks – try frozen grapes as an alternative ice cube!
  • Use up old pieces of material you have lying around, such as cushion covers, old sheets, curtains and so on to create some homemade, vintage looking bunting.
  • Find the most flamboyant outfits in your wardrobe and instead of throwing them out, put them in a fancy dress box for local children to play with as the celebrations begin.
  • Use chalk you may have lying around the house to decorate the pavements – they won’t stain and will wash off with the rain.

For more tips on how to create the perfect Big Jubilee Lunch, please visit the official website, and for more foodie tips on creating some impressive dishes to impress your neighbours, visit Love Food Hate Waste.


Cyngor ar wneud Cinio Jiwbilî Mawr heb unrhyw wastraff


Y penwythnos hwn bydd pobl ledled y DU yn dathlu un o ddigwyddiadau Brenhinol mwyaf cofiadwy ein hoes. Bydd miloedd ohonom yn addurno’r strydoedd â bynting ac yn gosod byrddau trestl ar y palmant ar gyfer ychydig o hwyl gymunedol draddodiadol, hen ffasiwn fel rhan o fenter genedlaethol Y Cinio Jiwbilî Mawr.

Nod y fenter ardderchog hon o dan arweiniad yr Eden Project yw dod â chymaint o bobl â phosibl ynghyd ledled y DU unwaith y flwyddyn i rannu cinio ac ychydig o gymdeithasu cyfeillgar, llawn hwyl gyda’u cymdogion. Eleni mae’n cyflawni rôl swyddogol yn sgil dathliadau cenedlaethol (a rhyngwladol) y Jiwbilî.

Yn ogystal â mwynhau’r holl fwyd, diod a hwyl ar y strydoedd, mae’n bwysig meddwl am sut i leihau’ch gwastraff, defnyddio’r bwyd sydd gennych yn barod yn y cwpwrdd ac ailgylchu unrhyw fwyd sy’n weddill pan ddaw’r dathliadau i ben. I’ch helpu i wneud hyn, dyma ychydig o gyngor ar sut i baratoi’ch Cinio Jiwbilî Mawr:


  • Mae’n syndod faint o seigiau blasus y gallwn eu gwneud o gynhwysion sydd gennym yn barod yn y cwpwrdd a’r oergell. Y gwir amdani yw ein bod yn taflu bwyd bob dydd fyddai’n berffaith ar gyfer pryd bwyd al fresco yn yr haf: er enghraifft, tua 5 miliwn o datws, bron tair miliwn o domatos, a miliwn o dafelli ham. Gofynnwch i bawb edrych drwy bob cwpwrdd ac oergell (a gwneud rhestr) cyn mynd i siopa’n arbennig ar gyfer y Cinio Jiwbilî Mawr eleni – efallai y llwyddwch i arbed punnoedd, gan adael mwy o arian i brynu pethau ychwanegol fel bynting!


  • Ceisiwch gyfrif faint sy’n debygol o ddod i’r parti a dim ond prynu ar gyfer nifer pendant, er mwyn osgoi gorfod taflu bwyd. Gall yr adran pennu dognau cywir ar wefan Hoffi Bwyd Casáu Gwastraff eich helpu.


  • Gallwch rewi sudd ffrwythau, smwddis ac iogwrt mewn offer gwneud lolipop – sy’n boblogaidd iawn gyda’r plant.


  • Beth am dorri ychydig o lysiau sbâr o’ch drôr salad yn ddarnau addas i’w gweini gyda dip neu hwmws?


  • Rhowch gigoedd oer, selsig wedi’u rhewi sydd wedi’u coginio ymlaen llaw yn syth i mewn i’ch bag picnic yn gynnar yn y bore. Dylent fod wedi dadmer erbyn i chi gyrraedd eich lle picnic, ond yn dal i fod yn ffres ac oer.


  • Os oes gennych ffrwythau lemon dros ben, ychwanegwch nhw gyda digon o siwgr at ddŵr pefriog i wneud lemonêd ffres. Fel arall, gallwch storio lemon wedi’i dafellu mewn bocs aerglos yn y rhewgell i’w ddefnyddio fel ciwbiau iâ mewn diodydd oer – neu beth am rawnwin wedi’u rhewi hefyd!


  • Defnyddiwch hen ddarnau o ddefnydd fel gorchuddion clustogau, hen gynfasau, llenni ac ati i wneud eich bynting hen ffasiwn eich hun.


  • Chwiliwch yn eich cwpwrdd dillad am wisgoedd llachar, ac yn hytrach na’u taflu, rhowch nhw mewn bocs gwisg ffansi fel y gall plant lleol eu defnyddio yn ystod y dathliadau.


  • Defnyddiwch sialc i addurno’r palmantau – ni fydd yn staenio a bydd y glaw yn ei olchi i ffwrdd.


I gael mwy o gyngor ar sut i wneud y Cinio Jiwbilî Mawr perffaith, ewch i’r wefan swyddogol, ac i gael mwy o gyngor ar sut i wneud seigiau blasus a fydd yn tynnu dŵr i ddannedd eich cymdogion, ewch i’r wefan Hoffi Bwyd Casáu Gwastraff.

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Let’s unearth the wonders of homemade compost: Turn your weeds into wisterias…

The summer’s on its way and you’re planning to transform your garden but you don’t even know where to start.

First thing’s first, you need to clear up the ‘green’ waste which has accumulated since last summer. Luckily for you, you can simply use all your grass cuttings, leaves and twigs and compost them! It’s as simple as that. What’s more is that this green ‘organic’ waste makes nutrient rich compost which is perfect for ensuring your flowers are in full bloom for the  summer.

The reason we’re getting so excited about home composting this week is the fact that it’s International Compost Awareness Week (May 6- May 12).  This week long campaign aims to show people how simple home composting can be and the great results that can be achieved by turning your organic waste into nutrient-rich, homemade compost.

Instead of sending your grass cuttings and prunings to landfill they can be used to create convenient and cost free compost that will enrich borders and vegetable patches, plant up patio containers and act as a soil conditioner to improve your lawn.

So when you look in dismay at the leftover autumn leaves strewn across the garden and wedged into every nook and cranny, twigs and branches blown down during the recent miserable weather and those annoying weeds growing around the borders, there’s no need to bag them up and throw them away. Simply get your hands on a compost bin (or create your own compost heap in a hidden corner of your garden) and compost your garden’s ‘green’ waste to start making your own compost.

Many people don’t realise how simple it is to home compost or just how much of their household waste can actually be composted. As well as autumn leaves, grass and hedge clippings you can also compost vegetable peelings and egg shells, you can put shredded cardboard, tea bags and even the contents of your vacuum cleaner into your compost bin.

Many Local Authorities in Walessell compost bins at a reduced rate for households – some even give them away for free! For further information please contact your local authority or visit

Here are some great compost and gardening blogs to inspire you:

Composter happens

BBC’s Gardening Blog

Compost Everything

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @wastelesssavemo and Facebook too! There are also some great composting tips on the Waste Awareness Wales website.

Gwireddu gwyrth compost cartref:

Troi chwyn yn wisterias…

Mae’r haf ar gerdded, a chi, fel pawb arall yn awyddus i gael trefn ar yr ardd ond heb y syniad cyntaf ble i ddechrau.

Mae angen mynd ati i ddechrau i glirio’r gwastraff ‘gwyrdd’ sydd wedi casglu ers yr haf diwethaf. Wrth lwc, gallwch ddefnyddio toriadau’r lawnt, hen ddail a brigau a’u troi’n gompost! Yn fwy na dim, mae gwastraff gwyrdd ‘organig’ o’r fath yn creu compost sy’n llawn maethynnau ac mae’n ddeunydd perffaith ar gyfer sicrhau sioe arbennig o flodau yn yr haf.

Rydym yn awyddus i rannu’r newyddion am gompostio gyda chi am ei bod hi’n Wythnos Ryngwladol Ymwybyddiaeth o Gompost o’r 6ed i’r 12fed o Fai. Nod yr ymgyrch yn ystod yr wythnos yw dangos i bobl pa mor hawdd yw compostio gartref a’r canlyniadau gwych a ddaw yn sgil troi eich gwastraff organig yn gompost cartref, llawn maeth.

Ar ôl torri’r lawnt a thocio’ch planhigion, yn hytrach nag anfon y gwastraff i safle tirlenwi gallwch eu defnyddio i greu compost cyfleus sy’n costio dim i fwydo’ch planhigion a’ch llysiau, i blannu blodau mewn potiau patio ac i wella pridd eich lawnt.

Felly, pan welwch ddail crin yr hydref ymhob twll a chornel o’ch gardd a mân frigau wedi’u chwythu o’r coed yn y stormydd diweddar heb sôn am y chwyn sy’n mynnu ymddangos yn y borderi, does dim angen eu rhoi mewn bag a’u taflu. Y cyfan sydd ei angen yw bin compostio (neu gallwch greu twmpath compostio eich hun mewn cornel gudd) a mynd ati i wneud compost o’r gwastraff ‘gwyrdd’ sydd yn eich gardd.

Mae llawer heb sylweddoli pa mor hawdd yw gwneud compost cartref a faint o wastraff y tŷ sy’n gallu cael ei gompostio. Yn ogystal â dail yr hydref a thoriadau’r lawnt a’r gwrych gallwch hefyd roi plicion llysiau a phlisgyn wyau, cardbord wedi’i rwygo, bagiau te a hyd yn oed gynhwysion eich sugnydd llwch yn y bin compost.

Mae llawer o Awdurdodau Lleol Cymru’n gwerthu biniau compost i gartrefi am bris gostyngol – a rhai hyd yn oed yn eu rhoi am ddim! I gael mwy o wybodaeth cysylltwch â’ch awdurdod lleol neu ewch i

Dyma gyfeiriadau blog ar gyfer garddio a chompostio i’ch ysbrydoli:

Composter happens

BBC’s Gardening Blog

Compost Everything

Cofiwch ddilyn ein safle Trydar: @wastelesssavemo a Facebook hefyd! Mae rhai syniadau ardderchog ar gyfer compostio ar wefan Cynllun Craff am Wastraff hefyd.

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Green is the new black

As spring has well and truly arrived, it presents us with the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and to think of ways to save money, go green and transform your wardrobe at the same time.

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some top ‘re-vamping’ tips for you to feast your eyes on!

1. Creativity is the key

Being creative with your wardrobe really is the best way to cut down on costs and to make you stand out from the crowd. Adding bows, buttons, braiding and ruffles to old clothing is just what you need to update garments. It’s simple to turn long skirts into mid length skirts and long leg trousers into fashionable ankle swingers by just taking up the hemline.

You could even use any left-over material to make cushions, table cloths or more clothes if you’re feeling adventurous.

2. Charity trawlers

The days when shopping in charity shops reflected that you were strapped for cash is definitely a thing of the past. Vintage and retro clothing have never been more popular so why pay over the odds for replicas when you can get originals for a fraction of the price?

The best thing about charity shops is that you can pick up some really unusual pieces while giving to a good cause. Donating unwanted clothing to a local charity shop is also a great way to weed out your wardrobe. The best tip we can give charity shop trawlers is to make sure you ask the owners which day they put out their latest donations – the early bird catches the worm after all.

3. Swap ‘til you drop!

The phrase ‘one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure’ is certainly the most appropriate phrase to describe one craze which has swept the nation. Clothes swapping is most certainly the best way to save money, recycle unwanted clothes and transform your wardrobe all at once.

Clothes swapping, or ‘swishing’ events don’t only have to involve meeting up with friends, as various public events also take place across Wales throughout the year. Websites such as and have also brought the craze online too which means you can even swap clothes in the comfort of your own home. Out with the old and in with the new has never been easier. Even organiseyour own clothes swapping events on facebook – all you need to do is set up a group and invite your friends (don’t forget to give us an invite if you’re planning your own)!


4. Textile banks

If you just want to get rid of your clothes then why not take them to your local textile bank instead of throwing your unwanted garments in the bin? This is an easy way to get rid of your clothes and pass them on to the people who need them the most. Textile banks can be found in many supermarket car parks, making it that much easier to recycle your pre-loved clothing just before you do your weekly shop. Waste Awareness Wales has a recycling bank locator function on its’ website. Visit and get searching.  Many councils also collect textiles from the kerbside so it’s always worth checking what your local recycling service can offer you.

Top websites to lookout for include:

–      Ebay






Alternatively, for more information, visit

Gwyrdd yw’r du newydd


Gyda’r gwanwyn ar ein gwarthaf, dyma gyfle gwych i gael llechen lân a meddwl am ffyrdd o arbed ceiniog neu ddwy – bod yn wyrdd a chael cwpwrdd dillad newydd yn y fargen.

Gan gadw hyn mewn cof, rydym wedi casglu cynghorion ‘ailwampio’ a fydd yn siŵr o’ch plesio!

1. Bod yn Greadigol

Mae cael agwedd greadigol yn ffordd dda o wario llai ar eich cwpwrdd dillad ac yn sicrhau eich bod yn wahanol i weddill y dorf. Trwy wnio bow, botymau, brêd neu ryffl ar ddilledyn, gallwch roi bywyd newydd i hen ddillad. Mae’n ddigon hawdd cwtogi sgert hir at ganol y goes neu roi hem ar drowsus hir i’w godi at y pigwrn.

Gallech hyd yn oed ddefnyddio defnydd sy’n weddill i wneud clustogau, lliain bwrdd neu ddilledyn arall os ydych yn teimlo’n fentrus.

2. Chwilota mewn siopau elusen

Mae’r dyddiau pan mai dim ond pan oedd arian yn brin y byddai pobl yn siopa mewn siopau elusen wedi hen fynd yn angof. Dillad vintage a retro yw’r ffasiwn y dyddiau hyn, felly beth yw’r pwynt talu drwy’ch trwyn am replica pan fo’r gwreiddiol ar gael am lai na hanner y pris?

Y peth gorau am siopau elusen yw bod dillad reit unigryw ar gael yno a’ch bod yn rhoi at achos da wrth eu prynu. Wrth roi eich hen ddillad i siop elusen leol, rydych hefyd yn chwynnu drwy’ch cwpwrdd dillad. Y cyngor gorau ar gyfer chwilotwyr siopau elusen yw gofyn i’r rheolwyr beth yw eu trefniadau o ran arddangos eu rhoddion diweddaraf – y cyntaf i’r felin gaiff falu wedi’r cyfan.

3. Cyfnewid di-baid!

Mae’r ymadrodd bod ‘sbwriel i un yn drysor i arall’ yn ddisgrifiad hynod briodol o’r ffasiwn ddiweddaraf i gydio yn nychymyg y genedl. Mae cyfnewid dillad yn sicr yn ffordd heb ei hail o arbed arian, ailgylchu dillad diangen a gweddnewid eich cwpwrdd dillad i gyd ar yr un pryd.

Mae ffeiriau cyfnewid dillad neu swishio yn gyfle i ffrindiau ddod at ei gilydd ond maent hefyd yn cael eu cynnal fel digwyddiadau cyhoeddus ledled Cymru gydol y flwyddyn. Mae gwefannau fel a wedi cyrraedd y rhyngrwyd hefyd, felly gallwch gyfnewid dillad heb orfod gadael cysur eich cartref. Mae cael gwared ar hen bethau a phrynu rhai newydd yn haws nag erioed. Gallwch hyd yn oed drefnu eich noson gyfnewid ar facebook – y cyfan sydd ei angen yw creu grŵp a gwahodd eich ffrindiau (os ydych am fentro cofiwch roi gwahoddiad i ni)!


4. Banciau tecstilau

Os ydych am gael gwared ar eich dillad, beth am fynd â nhw i’ch banc tecstilau lleol yn hytrach na’u rhoi yn y bin? Dyma ffordd hawdd o waredu eich dillad a’u trosglwyddo i bobl sydd wir eu hangen. Mae banciau tecstilau ar gael mewn llawer o feysydd parcio’r archfarchnadoedd, ac mae hyn yn ei gwneud yn haws i chi ailgylchu eich hen ffefrynnau cyn gwneud eich siopa wythnosol. Gallwch ddod o hyd i’ch banc ailgylchu agosaf ar wefan cynllun Craff am Wastraff. Ewch i i chwilota am wybodaeth. Mae rhai cynghorau hefyd yn dod o gwmpas i gasglu tecstilau felly mae’n werth gofyn beth sydd ar gael gan eich gwasanaeth ailgylchu lleol.

Dyma wefannau da i’w defnyddio:

–      Ebay






Neu, os hoffech fwy o wybodaeth ewch i

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