Green Easter tips


When we think about Easter- chocolate eggs, Easter egg hunts, hot cross buns and roast dinners automatically spring to mind but we always seem to forget about the bags upon bags of Easter egg packaging which we throw out every year.

The amount of packaging surrounding the average Easter egg is slightly excessive given the size of the eggs inside. When we purchase an estimated 80 million chocolate eggs in the UK every year – it is no wonder that we need to think of ways to reduce the amount of cardboard and plastic waste we produce at Easter.

We of course don’t want to deny you your Easter eggs (as we certainly won’t be giving up the chocolate this Easter) but we’d just like you to think twice before reaching for the egg with the most packaging.

The layers of cardboard and plastic packaging may be printed in exciting, vibrant colours – enough to send children into a state of hysteria but at the end of the day, the chocolate remains the same. Although large chocolate eggs may seem the most attractive, why not buy a few smaller eggs instead which are usually wrapped in just a layer of foil?

These smaller eggs are also great for Easter egg hunts around the house – the perfect way to entertain children on Easter Sunday.

If you are unable to resist the larger eggs, then make sure you recycle their packaging correctly. It won’t take long to do this and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

Another option is to make your own Easter treats. Children like nothing more than helping out in the kitchen and showing the ‘grown ups’ how it’s really done (with guidance of course). Chocolate rice crispy or cornflake cakes are always popular and can be made using any leftover chocolate you may have lying around the house – we would never advise you to waste chocolate.

Have you also had a think about the big lunch you’ll no doubt be rustling up for the whole family? Make sure all your vegetable peelings go into your food waste bin and use any leftover vegetables for meals the next day – some great recipes can be found on the new Love Food Hate Waste website.

Try sending an e-greeting card to loved ones this Easter too – just as thoughtful as hard copies and they produce less waste. A great website to try is eCards.

Our final tip is to use any leftover hot cross buns to make an extra special bread and butter pudding with fruit and fresh cream custard – who said Easter needs to be all about chocolate?

Happy Easter everyone!


Let us know if you try your hand at any of the above by leaving a comment below.


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