Don’t ditch, switch!

Although it may not feel like it, it is in fact the summer. The school holidays have arrived and with fresh air and the rest from homework, growth spurts are inevitable. So what will happen to the wardrobes full of blazers, shorts, trousers and sports kits??

The average parent spends a staggering £5,203 on school uniform and PE kit in a child’s lifetime and only 39% of parents consider the environmental impact caused by throwing uniforms away. As little as 16% of discarded clothes are recycled or reused but there are loads of ideas of what to do with unwanted uniform this summer.

  1. ‘Hand me downs’– As the majority of us have survived a hand me down or two, passing clothes on to younger siblings is a perfect way to get the most out of the clothes. School uniforms, especially those with emblems and specific ties can be extremely expensive and as children grow out of uniforms so quickly it is a perfect idea to pass on smaller sized uniforms down the family.
  2. ‘Don’t ditch, switch!’– If the uniform has gone through the family and back again and is still in good condition or you don’t know many people in the class below, why don’t you organise a big swap till you drop party. You can swap your child’s unwanted and barely worn school uniform all whilst meeting new people and doing your bit for the environment. Alternatively, why not check with your school to see if a ‘clothes swap’ event already exists? Perfect for making sure unwanted clothes don’t go to waste.
  3. ‘Donate your uniform to charity shops’– This is a perfect way of making money for a deserving charity of your choice and again getting the most out of the clothes. Charity shops cater for a wide customer base and they welcome all sorts of clothes and some of the plain polo shirts and trousers could be popular and cater for pupils from other schools too. Remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
  4. Worn out’- If your clothes are not in a good enough condition to be worn again then they can be donated to recycle banks as textiles are still a valuable resource and can be used as filling materials or industrial cleaning clothes, Woollen items can even be spun into new yarn! Or you could use worn uniform as play clothes, pet bedding or even dusters around the house.
  5. ‘Bag money for your clothes’- ‘Cash for clothes’’ is a perfect new way of making some money from unused items that would just block up landfill sites. This way you also get some money back in return that could help towards the cost of replacement uniform or other school equipment.  There are many drop-off centres around Wales and each kilo bag of clothes could earn you cash.
  6. ‘Be creative’- A great way to re-use old uniform is to get creative and see what you can make from the material. This is a great craft activity for those long summer days and we’re not suggesting you’d create von-trap style clothes but why not create cushions, fabric cards or costumes?  

So rather than just throwing old school uniform straight in the bin and damaging the


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